As of today, is now open for registration as a public Matrix server. Join it on Riot!

As stated by the description on, an unofficial directory of Matrix servers1:

A self-hosted Matrix server opened up to the public to encourage greater network adoption and decentralization. Join if you like potatoes, space, or both in combination. One nine of uptime guaranteed, or your money back.

The Benefits of Matrix

Many people have stated this better than me, including the official Matrix FAQ, but here’s a quick summary if you are new to this: Matrix is a federated, end-to-end encrypted chat protocol with nice-looking clients and no centralized ownership.

It also offers hosted bridges to other chat services, including (thanks to TravisR) Telegram, Discord, Email, and Slack. This makes it really nice as a central system where you can contact users from many proprietary/centralized services.

Since you can host the server yourself and have it federate with other servers on the network, I’ve been running one for a few years (since the early beta days).

Why Make it Public?

I felt a need to give back to the community in some way - also, I figured it would be fun to act as a instance administrator! I may also open up my Mastodon instance in a similar way soon, if anyone is interested.

Now, I’m not sure (at all) if anyone will use it, but at least the option exists. And if you are interested in trying it out, feel free to make an account and contact me in ;)

A warning: this server is hosted on my residential connection, aka in my house. It can and will go down. However, I will try my best to ensure it does not. (I will also comply with GDPR and applicable regulations to the best of my ability.)

So enjoy, and let me know if you use it!

  1. Thanks so much to Atreatis, who runs the list, for adding me! [return]